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Our Favorite Holiday Organizing Things

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! All I want for Christmas starts blasting on the radio and you know it’s time to get out the Christmas tree and deck the halls. Before you know it, the holidays will be over and it’ll be time to put all those decorations away. You aren’t alone that shoves their Christmas items in the attic to deal with next year. Not this year! Let me help you set up a plan for success this year!

I’m a big fan of going through your holiday decorations and get them organized at the beginning of the season (I know most people have done this already, but in case you haven’t). Sounds crazy I know! Here’s why, many of the holiday organizing products run out quick, so if you wait until after the holidays you will have slim pickings and will most likely settle for whatever you can find instead of the best storage solution for your needs. The other reason is you actually have the energy and excitement to get things in order, unlike at the end of the holidays. Regardless of when you do this the process is still the same.

To get you started follow our 4 step process for getting organized which starts with sorting everything! This is personal, but you can either sort by item type or sort by room it’s what ever makes the most sense for you and how you decorate. Once everything is sorted decide what you want to keep and what needs to be retired, streamlined your holiday decor to what you love and brings you joy during the holidays. If you left some decorations in the bin you may want to go through them now and decide if you really want to keep them. Ask yourself, why didn’t they make the cut? If you no longer love it, let it go to be loved by someone else.

Then figure out what kind of containers you will need. Keep in mind where you are storing the items, the size of where you are storing it (for instance measure the shelf you are planning to store the item) and what size/how many containers you may need. Minimizing the number of containers you allow yourself for each holiday helps a lot with minimizing clutter!

If you need some product recommendations here are some of our favorite holiday organizing products*:


christmas tree storage idea

Christmas Tree Storage

Finding the right Christmas tree storage can be a challenge. When we bought our 7+ foot tree it was hard finding storage that fit. A lot of the plastic containers for trees were too small. I found the perfect solution at Home Depot. We prop it up in our shed (it also stayed bug free) and it’s great! 


christmas ornament storage organizer

Ornament Organizer

In my opinion, there’s one thing you can never have too many off with holiday decor and it’s ornaments! I love this container it holds so many ornaments. I put multiple ornaments wrapped in tissue in each square. The dividers allow flexibility to change the divider sizes to fit any size ornament. If you aren’t near The Container Store, Target also has a similar version of this container

outdoor holiday decor storage ideas

Outdoor Decor Container

While this is a tree container, I love using these for outdoor decor! Outside decorations can be large and hard to store. We keep our outdoor Christmas figurines in here along with our outdoor wreath (that’s more of a tear drop shape then a round wreath). We also keep this in the shed because it’s a little big and unwieldy to bring down from the attic (which is why its important to keep in mind where you are storing items).

holiday wreath storage ideas

Wreath Storage

Wreaths keep there shape best when stored in a container. This isn’t the exact one I use because I’ve had ours so long they don’t sell it anymore. This is the closest to what I use and would recommend. Be sure to measure your wreath to ensure you have the right size container. I also love these bins because they can be stacked to store your wreath collection. For the larger wreaths I use these wreath bags.


holiday gift wrap organization

Wrapping Storage

How many parents wrap gifts in their room late at night? This container is great for under the bed. It can be customized to your needs. It’s a combination of The Container Stores Long Underbed Box and you can add any combination of  Our Shoe Box or Our Accessory Box to customize.  I love that you can store all the wrapping accessories – bows, tape, tags, etc – with the paper. The perfect portable wrapping station. The only catch is it won’t hold those extra long rolls of wrap. I recommend steering away from the extra long rolls unless a gift requires it. 

wrapping paper cutter tool

Wrapping Accessories

There’s no better tool for wrapping then the paper cutter & folder. It has multiple functions – paper cutter cuts like butter, ribbon curler and seam straightener. It’s so easy to use it’s perfect for someone with arthritis. I don’t wrap my gifts without it!


holiday card organizer

Cards Organizer

This is the one time a year that people love to send snail mail. This card organizer can be used year round, but is great to organize those Christmas Cards and even thank you cards for the gifts you receive. 

Pro Tip – Sometimes you have extra cards and want to keep them to send the following year. My favorite tip for keeping from sending the same card year after year to the same family is to keep a list of who you sent that particular card to rubber banded to the stack of cards. The next year send the remaining cards before buying or sending new cards. 

Once you have the containers purchased label them so they are ready to go for the end of the holidays. Now you can enjoy the holidays knowing you have a plan and system in place for putting everything away organized.


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