Creating a Functional Bathroom

Creating a Functional Bathroom You’ll Love

It’s time I share some client projects and the thought process that goes into creating an organizing system. This home was brand new, so we were helping the homeowners create systems from scratch. There’s no better time to get organized! Getting to start with a blank slate can be both exciting and challenging. When we help families create systems in their home, we take into account their lifestyle, their style, and functionality. Here’s a tour of this beautiful, functional bathroom. 

Maximize under the sink 

Under the sink is prime real estate and making the most of the space is everything. The best way to maximize is to go vertical. ELFA drawers did just the job! They must be assembled, but with a rubber mallet, you have a drawer system for your cabinet in no time! Now his and her cabinets have a place to store all those little things under the sink – medicines, feminine products, toiletries, etc.

Declutter counters

This home was beautifully decorated by Odum Designs so it was important to keep the counters clutter-free. My client was brilliant by having electricians install outlets under the sink. We were able to keep the counters clear by plugging in the electric toothbrush and razor out of sight. This 2-tier tower gave these items the perfect home. 

Organized Drawers

bathroom drawer organization with spice rack liners

In addition to the drawers under the sink, there were a number of drawers that needed structure and order. Keeping daily used items easily in reach makes getting ready easier. Coming up with a solution for how to keep all those little bottles from rolling all over the place took some problem solving (our favorite thing to do!) We used these spice liners in the kitchen and they were perfect for what we needed in the bathroom. Creativity in organizing is key! Never limit yourself to what an item is intended for. There are no rules in organizing! 

Label It

The finishing touch to any organizing project is labeling. Labels keep everyone accountable and help ensure items get put back in their home, especially in shared spaces. However, your personal bathroom may be a little different. When starting off with a new organizational system it’s important to have reminders of where everything goes. If you’re the only one who uses the space, you may not need the labels for reference until it becomes a habit. These labels can be purchased through our S & S Custom Label Shop.

Easy Access

When systems are too complicated and items are not easy to get to that can lead to a failed system. We kept items they needed daily access to within reach. Using command hooks to put their washcloths they use daily. Another awesome thing we did was put all the hairstyling tools in travel bags. Not only are all the cords tamed while storing, but they are always ready for travel. Just throw them in your bag and you are ready to go!

Every system is uniquely customized to each client. Hopefully, you got some ideas that will work in your space. We are looking forward to sharing more bathroom organizing tips in the future!