Craft organizing with ELFA

Craft Room Organizing using ELFA

If you enjoy crafting or at least the hobby of buying craft supplies this post is for you! I had the pleasure of helping one of my creative, organized clients with a DIY plan. With a new home and so much potential, she had a vision but wasn’t sure where to start. After sharing her inspiration and talking about her space. We outlined a detailed plan to fulfill her organizing needs with style. She took our plan and executed them with perfection creating a system to store all of her craft supplies. I think we can all agree it looks AMAZING! Creating a space for everything and keeping like supplies together she was able to eliminate a hodgepodge of carts to one organized system. No more shuffling through boxes of ribbon to find the right color. Now all the ribbons are easily accessible with her ELFA system. Everything is easy to find and only an arms reach away!

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